Misa Campo girls of Xbox 360 does friendster and myspace socials

Misa Campo girls of Xbox 360 does friendster and myspace socials

No, Misa Campo is not a type of soup, you idiot, it’s the name of exotic car model Misa Campo, a 21-year old beauty from Orange County, Los Angeles, making her a resident of The OC, as the kids like to call it. According to her Myspace page, Misa would most like to meet “Captain Crunch… Bumblebee… Eeyore… And all the people who make fake profiles so I could kick their butts”. And hey, who better to kick your butt than a drop dead gorgeous babe from The OC? I’m pretty sure that’s a fantasy of, like, a dozen or so guys in San Quentin right now.

Her official website is www.misacampo.com and her myspace is Myspace.com/misacampo. -ampedasia.com Misa Campo and Leah Dizon See much more and much LESS of Misa Campo as she reveals very little to the imagination on 'Girls of 360 DVD Magazine: Volume #2." Now available at www.girlsof360.com. Dannie & Misa Dannie Riel and Misa Campo at club 686 in Vancouver, BC

Good Quality Video footage of Misa Campo dancing in Toronto Nightclubs Republik (8-6-2006) and Purgatory (8-11-2006). Hosted by the Defcon Remix in association with Synergy Entertainment and Fuel Productions. Misa Campo www.Myspace.com/MisaCampo/ www.Defcon-Remix.com Video Music:


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April 2, 2008 at 8:08 AM

She's hot but I don't know that she's features on XBOx..
Good news

Misa fan


April 4, 2008 at 2:03 AM

yeah, microsoft really knew how to pick their girls